10 Reasons NOT to Hire a P.I. to Catch Your Spouse Cheating….

Sometimes, hiring a P.I. is not the best alternative.  Before you even start to decide which P.I. to hire, maybe you should take a step back to decide if you should hire any private investigator at all.  Check out the following 10 points.  If you fit any of the below criteria, you should probably keep your wallet in your pocket and move on.

You are thinking that things will get better on their own.

You already have all the concrete proof and certainty that you need regarding the situation.

You’ve already given up on trying to get to the bottom of the situation.

The cost of hiring a P.I. is much higher than the potential cost of doing nothing.

You believe that your spouse will admit to their wrongdoing when confronted.

You’ve accepted the situation and are okay with your spouse having sexual relations with others.

Your spouse is only having an “emotional affair,” which is acceptable to you.

Your spouse would only do this to you “just this one time.”

You already have enough leverage going into your divorce settlement.

You don’t really want to know the truth…sometimes ignorance is bliss.

You’re not one that assumes control of situations.  You’d rather assume the victim role in your situation.